The Robotic Heart Surgery

Robotic Heart Surgery

The Robotic Heart Surgery

The Robotic Heart Surgery

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Robotic Heart Surgery: Technology is increasing and starching its scope day by day in every field of human life, making ease in human life. Introduction of robotic systems in the field of surgery is a remarkable milestone in Health sector, especially in the Heart surgery. This surgery gives successful result in 19 patients without any postoperative complication and angina in United States.


The core objective of introducing robotics in the heart surgery is to switch over from open heart surgery to invasive heart surgery to compress the effect the trauma in heart surgery.

Mostly cardiac surgery is performed with the help of endoscope (a tiny tube with optical system). The surgical instruments are passed through the tube of endoscope tube or by additional incision and surgical area is monitored through endoscope.
In robotic heart surgery, the surgeon manipulated the surgical instruments with the help of computer based robot. This is done by passing endoscope through a small incision and two surgical instruments though another incision on the chest wall the surgeon monitor endomorphic ..

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